Utah is empty! Seriously. No actual climbing shots to share because the only people climbing out here are Shannon and I. And that spider. The first few days we had to chase shade. But the rest of this last (first of 3) week has been essentially perfect. We started off in the Utah Hills, which hosts the Diamond, Gorilla Cliffs, the Soul Asylum and a few other crags. Unfortunately the Diamond was a Ceuse-length hike, without Ceuse at the end. The Soul Asylum is pretty cool though. The surrounding camping was pretty sparse. We bailed.
The Diamond

The Cathedral / Wailing area has definitely been the most impressive climbing area around thusfar. And we've been sending! Anyone want to come kick it? More to come.


Becky said...

Great job crushing out there guys. Miss you!

Lyn said...

Sounds divine. Haven't you taught Peanut how to shoot photos yet?